Thursday, 25 June 2009

Cat Home Safe after 16 Months

From an Article:
A CAT has been reunited with its owner after going missing 16 months ago.

Five-year old feline Pepsi disappeared in Milton Keynes last year after his owner, Cheryl Boardman, had moved house. However, this week, he was brought into the Wood Green animal shelter at Heydon by a member of the public.

Because Pepsi was microchipped, staff at the shelter were able to reunite the cat with his owner.

Mrs Boardman, who said she had "given up all hope" of finding her pet, said: "Its like he has never been away. We were so delighted and amazed that Pepsi had been found and my daughter was so excited when she came home from school to find her cat Pepsi had come home."

Nicola Bacon, Communications Manager for Wood Green Animal Shelters said: "It is amazing that we have been able to reunite Pepsi with his owner. He was in such a sorry state when he arrived that it was very clear he had been fending for himself for a long time.

"This just highlights the importance of having your animals microchipped; if Pepsi hadn't been chipped previously it is very unlikely after all this time that we would have been succe
ssful in reuniting him with his owner. He is certainly a very lucky cat with many of his nine lives intact."

For more information on microchipping, contact the shelter on 01763 838329.

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