Found or Lost a Pet?

I'm happy to add your missing or found animal for free in exchange for you to follow and/or subscribe with your email address and share on Facebook and Twitter.

February 2013 we've had nearly 12,000 page views

Just add your email address to the Feedburner box so I can see that you have subscribed.

Please be willing to keep sharing your missing pet's post and help others far from home.

Posts will then arrive to your inbox if you subscribe as I add.  

Or if you follow, you can go to your blog reading pane and we'll be there!

Further help (optional) would be if you could forward the posts to friends etc.    

All appreciated ...

Please email me :

  1. Clear photo
  2. Animals nature (would he / she jump in a vehicle?)
  3. Microchipped
  4. Colouring and distinquished features.
  5. Collar, bell, tag, GPS
  6. Where he/she  went missing, if you moved so supply details of where you moved from
  7. Your contact details: email, mobile, facebook, twitter... anything
  8. Age, sex, neutered, spayed
Send to Lesley at or with any questions

I will:
  1. Add a all info
  2. Send posts to Facebook and Twitter and repeat with any old posts over the months.n.
Thank you


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