Muppet's Story

Muppet's Story
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4 years later and Muppet's owner gets a call:

I have had an email about my long lost white cat from someone who has seen a white cat they think is stray. They did a websearch and found my details on your website - thanks.
He is in the next village to us, probably 1 mile from our house as the crow flies. We have seen him twice from a distance of about 10 metres and he looks a lot like Muppet so it really could be him. He is living feral so no-one can get near him, but we put up posters and have had many calls including a lady who tried to catch him last summer and she said he has been around the area for well over a year.

We have borrowed a trap from the rspca but he is so jumpy I'm not sure if the trap will work and we can't get near enough to him to give him food eta as he just runs away when he sees people. Do you have any other suggestions for catching him?
Is the stray Muppet?
Fantastic, unbelievable news… we caught him in the RSPCA trap last night. We bought him home and shut him in the spare room on his own as he was so frightened.
Taken him to the vets today,– he is Muppet!
He is very dirty and riddled with fleas and worms as you would expect, but otherwise healthy. He has stayed at the vets to be neutered and checked for FIV.
 Writer's note:
Doesn't it proove that just because your cat or dog is missing, they can be alive out there but just lost. 
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