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Found & Lost Animals

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pub Macot and Family Pet Louis the White Llama Missing from Lion Hote, Llalnham, Wales

Finding a missing llama in Wales
Louis the Llama is missing 
Llama lives behind the Lion hotel in Llalnham, nr Powys, Wales.  

Postcode SY17


Possibly stolen.

Louis is microchipped.

Missing early November 2013

Please contact the hotel on 0779 0543211

or Powys police.

or message on DogsLost

Anonymous messages welcome if you are aware of anything - no questions asked.

Louis is an animal like many who is so well loved and I am sure he wants to come home.
His owners miss him terribly. That's all they want so no questions asked if you know anything however small.  
Maybe kids have played a joke?
Maybe Louis has been let loose somewhere?
Maybe you have been offered a llama.

Missing cats from Middlesborough & Lincolnshire

Lost cat lincolnshire

Onyx went missing approx October 2013 from Lincolnshire.
She is a tabby and wearing a black diamante collar.
Reward offered.
For full details of where Onyx went missing please visit Janet's page

Lost Cat Saltergils

Shadow went missing approx 1st November 2013
He is chipped so if found, take to the vets as they will scan for FREE.
Lost Saltergils, N E Middleborough.
Contact Teresa

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lost White Cat from Walton Cardiff, Tewksbury, Gloucester, GL20

                                              M is a missing white cat from Walton Cardiff area of Tewkesbury.

                                                                    9 months old.
                                                     Black collar & microchipped
                    Wandered off from garden 29th October 2013 from Tewkesbury, Gloucester.
                                                                       GL20 7RX

                             Please contact M's owner at Animal Search by clicking here.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Lost Black & White Cat from Yarrow Close & Elliott Road, March, Cambs

#foundcatmarch #missingcat #lostcat

Alfie, a black and white cat went missing 5th October 2013.

Approx 16mths old

Last seen around Yarrow Close and Elliott Road, March, Cambs.

Please visit Facebook for Alfie's owner.

Lost Siamese Cat from Wisbech, Cambs

#missingcat #Wisbech #Foundsiamese #foundcatwisbech

I'm desperate, my lovely cat is missing. I'm living at Wisbech, Cambridegeshire. 

He came with me from abroad (Lithuania) on 8th November.

On 10th of November he disappeared from the garden. I think he is in very stressful condition now because Wisbech is a new place for him.

Name: Izidorius.
Sex: Male.
Bread: Siamese
18 months old.
Coat: Grey, beige colour with black mask. 
Striking blue eyes.
Very friendly and love kids.
He hasn't got a collar on.
If you can help me please contact with me on Facebook: 
Tu Durnius or on e-mail or call for me 07423832047.

I hope you could help me.
Yours Sincerely
Karolis Neteckis

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Found Black & White Collie Dog Wiltshire SP4 - A345 between Durrington and Figheldean, last seen Larkhill Racecourse.

This beautiful dog was found by the A345 and previously at Larkhill racecourse.
Please scroll down for info of how to be reunited.

Found collie at A345

Found black and white dog between Durrington and Figheldean, at Larkhill Racecourse
Found black and white collie.

  • Details from Dogs Lost website:

  • On the A345 between Durrington and Figheldean, she was possible seen on Saturday 16/3/13 at Larkhill racecourse but could not be caught. She was very matted and dirty and covered in lice and fox faeces
  • Found In RegionSouth West
  • og ID50132
  • StatusFound
  • Registered19 Mar 2013
  • BreedBorder Collie
  • GenderFemale
  • Operation
  • AgeAdult
  • BuildMedium
  • ColourBlack and White
  • TailFull
  • Marks & ScarsSmall white patch on her mainly black back and possible a little pink scar on nose. May have been we
  • TaggedNo
  • MicrochippedNo
  • TattooedNo
  • Date Lost
  • Where Lost
  • Lost In Region
  • Lost In Post Area
  • Date Found19 Mar 2013
  • Found In Post AreaSP4
Please call:   07989 381509

Lost Yorkshire Terrier from Wytheshaw, Manchester

Missing, Lost, Found Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier from Wytheshaw, Manchester
Missing Ziggy from Wytheshaw, Manchester
Gloria Prado is missing her young male Yorkshire Terrier.
He has a grey back and tan face and legs.

Lost since 3rd May 2013

Please call 07449 350 216

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Found Black Cat, and Black & White Cats in Swindon and Glasgow.

Please help by sharing these images of these lovely found cats who want to get home. There owners will be searching for them.

Is this your cat?  Contact Drove Vets in Swindon on 01793 522483
Is this your cat?  I have lost the thread details but still can find him/her. Contact me if you recognise him / her.

Is this your cat? Contact Cats Protection, Glasgow, 0845 371 2722

Please share a page to your Facebook or Twitter.

Lesley x

Friday, 22 March 2013

Found Black & Brown German Shepherd In Cantly area.

Isn't he beautiful?

Brown and black German Shepherd found in Cantley today Sunday 17th March 2013 . 

Really big male long haired German Shepherd

If you've lost him contact Craig or Lianne on 07772185976 or 07873159873. 
Can't keep him too long cos already got dogs. 


Found dogs in Burton Upon Trent & Staffs area & Home safe

All these wonderful little dogs have been found in the Burton Upon Trent area.

Possibly stolen dogs and dumped.

Or simply dogs lost when on a walk.

Please click on the link for Dun Roaming facebook and you can be reunited with your missing dog.

Let's hope they get home.

Home safe

Found SBT / Boxer Cross Dog

This sweet and frightened little lady has this afternoon been kennelled after being found wandering unattended in Stretton, Burton Upon Trent. Approx 18 months old, looking like a likely SBT/Boxer cross, she was wearing no collar, had no tag or chip and has not yet been reported missing. 

Please click on link
Home safe

Brown toy dog, possibly a working Terrier?

This sweet girl has today has been found wandering unattended in very rural Staffordshire in Mayfield. Wearing no collar, no tag, having no chip and having not been reported missing we are awaiting contact from an owner to get them reunited. Approx 4 years old. 

Please click on link

Not Home Yet
The picture is of a Male black and white Collie dog with white bib
Plus a female Collie has been found in the Hanbury Park area. 

This young, entire male collie has today been kennelled after being found wandering unattended in the Coton In The Clay area of East Staffs. Wearing no collar and having no tag or chip and not having been reported missing we are awaiting a call from an owner. He has an injury to his front leg symptomatic of being hit by a vehicle or similar. I am also aware of a tri-coloured female Collie that has been found in similar circumstances in the Hanbury Park area that is also injured but requires immediate treatment and is currently in the care of a local vets. Both dogs may be linked. 

Please click on link

Link no longer working so contact Dun Roaming on Facebook direct.
Two male brown and white Springer Spaniels found in Tutbury area of Burton Upon Trent.

This pair of entire male Springer Spaniels were today handed to Dun Roaming as stray dogs found in the Tutbury area of Burton Upon Trent looking very bedraggled. Neither wearing any collar or tag, both are micro-chipped, sadly to two different people who have both long since re-homed the dogs but have no forwarding information to share with us. Anyone recognise 'Fern' and 'Paddy' who have now been kennelled? 

Please click on link 
Not Home Yet

Darkly coloured Bull Terrier found.

This neutered male has today been kennelled after being found wandering unattended in Yoxall Nr Burton Upon Trent. Though wearing a collar, he has no tag, is not chipped and has not yet been reported missing. More worryingly, as you can see, he has a very obvious wound to his face and head symptomatic of prolonged rubbing/abrasion that has turned to infection. Ian **** BEFORE POSTING PLEASE REMEMBER CHILDREN OF ALL AGES VIEW THIS PAGE AND THERE IS A PROFANITY BLOCKER ****

Please click on link
In March 2013 she had found a spot in a rescue centre

Cute tan & white Terrier toydog

This sweet and friendly little lady has today been kennelled after being found wandering unattended in the Stapenhill area of Burton Upon Trent. The ageing lady, though wearing a brown, studded collar, has no tag, is not chipped and has thus far not been reported missing. Unfortunately, she has a very large, open, burst and infected growth to one of her legs that has been left untreated for some time. Has received veterinary treatment and been kennelled in the warm.  

Please click on link

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cat From Scropton HOME SAFE

Hardy is home 

Read his story at the top of the blog.

Distinguished mark:   Hardy does not have a tail.

 Missing from Scropton
  Please check your outhouse /garage /shed

     Reward for his safe return

Lost from Scropton on Sunday 10th March 2013
Short haired black/white male cat with no tail.

Further Information:
 Hardy is 5 1/2 years old
Male, black and white short haired cat, neutered and microchipped with Identachip.

He has no tail, and when seated he sticks his left rear leg out as seen in photo.

Hardy does not wear a collar.

He has never stayed out and was always in and out via cat flap.

We have sent out  flyers, gone door to door, put posters in local shops and on telegraph posts.
We have walked the area numerous time calling him and searched the area numerous time.

We have advised all the local vets, the RSPCA and Cat protection League

We have spoken to local businesses, the allotments  holders near us, we have asked the local church to check their property

We have advised the councils and dog wardens for the Scropton area

We have asked the estate agents with properties that are vacant near us to please check the properties

The Burton Mail have ran and article on him.

He is a wonderful, loving cat who would not have got into any vehicle and been hesitant at strangers

We are happy to offer a reward for his safe return

He loves cat food with gravy and prawns, lying by the fire and sleeping

He is not viscous, does not hiss or scratch

Contact Tracey:


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Found Black and White Cat, Wisbech PE13 1PE

Male cat found in Wisbech, Cambs, PE13 1PE on Saturday 9th February

Colours: Black and White
No collar or flea collar
Chipped:  Not sure

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Missing Striped Ginger Cat from redheath Close, Leavesden area, Watford, Herts, WD25

Tigger is missing Leavesden area of Watford 

Ginger Striped male cat

Missing since 17th January 2013 during a January snow storm in Herts.

Tigger is a male (6-8 years old), neutered cat. 
 He doesn’t wear a collar but he is microchipped.
He is completely ginger but with distinctive stripes and a racoon stripped tail.
He has green eyes.
He doesn’t purr.
He went missing after going out for his normal scout about and the snow came down heavily within an hour, we think he may have lost his way home.

He is very inquisitive so always visiting our neighbours, going in through open doors, cat flaps, etc.  

Tigger lives at Redheath Close, Leavesden area, Watford, Herts, WD25 7AH

We have leafleted the whole area and postered father afield.  Tigger is on every missing cat site so Jackie can be contacted and Tigger can be located in search engines.  Registered with the Watford / Leavesden local county council, Hertfordshire cat rescue centres and the micro-chip company (Pet Log).

Please contact me by phone
07961 899148 or email at

Many thanks

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Found Bulldog in Stoke on Trent ST3

Found fawn coloured bulldog found around the Community City of City Road ST3.

Please visit here

The dog is underweight.

Now at City Dogs Home in Bucknall

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lost Cat in St Bretton, Peterborough

Fang has been lost since 7/11/12

His name is fang and he's nearly a year and half.  He is male and black and white.

 He's quite stumpy but well built. He has a good nature. Very relaxed and friendly cat. 

He's not chipped or neutered nor does he have a collar. 

The only thing that is really distinguishing is he has a lump on his belly near the back on the left hand side. Nothing big or obvious but if you run your hand over his belly you can feel it. 

He went missing just over a week ago around 07/11/2012.

He doesn't go missing. He is always back several times and day or i see him often in coming and going from work. Hope you can help.

Contact Stuart information on:
Mobile: 07575 336997 or

Monday, 12 November 2012

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