Friday, 19 June 2009

Vet Loses Cat in Cheltenham

From an article:

"Very easily I am afraid, if he is left in the hands of a careless vet nurse.

This is Lionel. He had been taken to the Honeybourne Veterinary Centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, by his owner, after he was hit by a car last Thursday. X-rays showed that he had suffered a dislocated hip and vets told his family he should stay with staff from the clinic at Overton Road over the weekend in order to make a recovery.

However, one of the surgery´s duty nurses took the cat back to her home when the clinic closed for the weekend and she put him in her garden shed. However, the cat made an escape when she forgot to lock his cage!

Paul Adkin, the vet, has now had 600 A4 posters printed off professionally, which he has put up across the area as well as 20,000 leaflets which are to be dropped through people´s letterboxes, all at a cost of around £700.

The cat, Lionel, is black, with a slightly uneven jaw, the result of an earlier accident, according to his family.

The cat´s owner, Jodie Dawkins, has been upset by the loss of her pet and criticised the practice for putting Lionel in an unsupervised shed in the first place. Miss Dawkins, 29, from Charlton Kings, Glos, said the escape had left her five-year-old daughter Olivia "in pieces".

"I am so angry about what has gone on. It beggars belief.
"We are all distraught about it, no one more so than my five-year-old daughter Olivia. "She and Lionel have grown up together and it will leave her heartbroken if we don´t get him back. "We were told he would be taken good care of over the weekend, not put in a shed and left there."

Miss Dawkins, a mental health nurse, conceded that the vets were doing everything they could to find the cat.

Vet Paul Adkin, who has worked at Honeybourne for almost 10 years, said he was both "angry" and "upset" about losing the pet and promised to launch a full internal investigation into the matter. "This is the worst thing that has happened to me during my 14 years as a vet," he said.

This is obviously a terrible cock-up and I hope Lionel is home soon. "

If Lionel is seen or found, please call HoneyBourne Vet, Overtion Road, Cheltenham, Glos
Vet Paul Adkin 01242 522429

Owner lives Charlton Leys, Glos


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