Josie's Story

Josie from Bedfordshire

How did Josie get lost?

Josie's owner visited the Murrow area of Cambridgeshire (near Wisbech).
On a very quiet lane only really used by the two or three houses there, Josie went for a walk with her owner.
Suddenly she acted very strange and bolted.

What happened next?

Josie is 9 and cannot eat properly because of a wonky jaw. 
Her owner visited Murrow constantly with family to search for Josie.
Her friends searched too and residents along this stretch knew she was missing.
Josie was also added to Dogs Lost.
In 2013 we had a heatwave and no rain.

Was Josie found?

By the end of the 9th day, her owner began accepting that her little dog (who once belonged to her late Mother) may have passed.  But they still searched.
her owner returned to Bedfordshire once more and then the day came ...
'that phonecall'.  Yes, the one we all dream of....
Josie had been found by a farmer hiding in a ditch by his field.
She had walked a few miles and hid.
Her weight was extremely low.
The farmer took Josie to the friends and Josie's owner traveled up to Murrow that night.

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