Find Sam for Me


I miss Sam very much.  

What happened?

He wandered off during the heatwave of May 2006 in Peterborough PE3 aged 14 months.
We saw him that weekend full of high jinks.
Sam is a cat that enjoys the outdoor freedom.
Locals had seen him about.

In November 2006, over the firework days, my sister saw him as a stray in PE3 woods.  He hesitated when called then disappeared.


I live in Norfolk now but still search.
Sam is microchipped and neutered and his colouring orange and white.
Of course, I would love him home but understand that he may have a happy home somewhere and for his happiness would need to stay.
I simply would love to know where he is and have him home if possible.

February 2014
I went to a medium about other things and asked about Sam.

I believe Alex Oakes of Kings Lynn because she got lots of others things correct about my past that is not common knowledge.
Sam is alive.
She sees him with a family curled up in a basket.

What have I done?
I got lots of photos printed and sent them to local vets with a letter asking if they can please scan any kitties that come in ... just use the excuse of checking for microchips.
One receptionist answered.
I hope the others help ... at the end of the day, they love animals, don't they?

A message can be left here.
Please also subscribe to help other lost and found pets.

Help by passing on this link.   And don't forget, a vet will scan an animal for FREE.
My cat Joey I found after 2 months missing. He is safe here in Norfolk

Lesley xx

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