Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lost Cat in St Bretton, Peterborough

Fang has been lost since 7/11/12

His name is fang and he's nearly a year and half.  He is male and black and white.

 He's quite stumpy but well built. He has a good nature. Very relaxed and friendly cat. 

He's not chipped or neutered nor does he have a collar. 

The only thing that is really distinguishing is he has a lump on his belly near the back on the left hand side. Nothing big or obvious but if you run your hand over his belly you can feel it. 

He went missing just over a week ago around 07/11/2012.

He doesn't go missing. He is always back several times and day or i see him often in coming and going from work. Hope you can help.

Contact Stuart information on:
Mobile: 07575 336997 or

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