Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pub Macot and Family Pet Louis the White Llama Missing from Lion Hote, Llalnham, Wales

Finding a missing llama in Wales
Louis the Llama is missing 
Llama lives behind the Lion hotel in Llalnham, nr Powys, Wales.  

Postcode SY17


Possibly stolen.

Louis is microchipped.

Missing early November 2013

Please contact the hotel on 0779 0543211

or Powys police.

or message on DogsLost

Anonymous messages welcome if you are aware of anything - no questions asked.

Louis is an animal like many who is so well loved and I am sure he wants to come home.
His owners miss him terribly. That's all they want so no questions asked if you know anything however small.  
Maybe kids have played a joke?
Maybe Louis has been let loose somewhere?
Maybe you have been offered a llama.

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