Friday, 26 October 2012

Help at Wood Green & Are These Beauties Your Lost Pets?

I received this email this morning about Mable, Conker, Penelope & Bella.  Please read there stories.

Maybe one is your lost animals?

Or maybe you can donate £3 to Just Giving to help make them better again?

Maybe you'd consider re-homing?

Text from Wood Green:

"A member of the public found Mable by the side of the road. 
She was whimpering and in terrible pain. The poor dog was unable to walk, and had clearly been hit by a car.  She was brought to our Godmanchester Centre, Cambridgeshire and X-rays revealed she had dislocated her hip. We had no other option but to refer her for specialist surgery so a pin could be inserted into her hip"


"Penelope, a three-year-old tabby, was brought to our Heydon Centre, London in terrible pain after being found with her front leg trapped in her collar. The collar has left a very sore open wound which will only heal with specialist surgery."

"And just today Bella, a one-year-old Basset Hound found herself at Wood Green through no fault of her own or that of her previous owners. She too is in pain and discomfort with a very rare ocular dermoid cyst growing out of her eye. Again, poor Bella needs extremely specialist surgery to remove this."

"We’ve already told you about little Conker, a 10-week-old tan terrier who might need reconstructive surgery after her right ear was removed with a pair of scissors."

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 Please visit Just Giving on  Or contact

They are looking for lots of love.

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