Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Large Tabby & White cat seen by A47 nr Walpoles, Norfolk PE14

I drive the A47 everyday.
Between the Walpole Highway slip road and before the Total garage and Little Chef in the Wisbech direction is a large white and tabby deceased cat laying on the grass verge.

This location is NOT somewhere a car can stop.

I hope his owner is searching ...

Nearby locations:
Walpole Highway
Walton Highway
County of Norfolk

Happy times at Rainbow Bridge ... God Bless...

Update 17/8/11

The cat was still there on my way home so I drove to nearby houses last night and left a card and spoke to a woman who knows who has cats in that area.

This morning I think the cat had gone - or perhaps I missed him / her as I had to pay attention to the A47 too.   Hopefully his / her owners have taken him home ...

Update 20/8/11

I am happy to say he is now with his owners.


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