Friday, 12 September 2008

LOST Cat in Woodford Bridge, Essex, UK

Lost in Woodford Bridge, Essex Has anyone seen our cat? (small tabby and white neutered male with pink nose - name 'Kitten' although he's 6 yrs old the name stuck).

He disappeared in the hot weather (summer?) on the 21st July.

We have put up leaflets locally, posted details on the numerous 'missing' websites and put an ad in the paper a couple of weeks ago - with a reported sighting in Chingford, then near Forest School (we rushed round, it was a lost cat - but not him!).

He may be exploring the nearby fields or riverbank. We have searched and called there to no avail - although neighbours opposite are sure they've seen him.

His friend (a ginger tom) pops in through the cat flap to look for him most days too!

If seen, please contact Heather 020 8504 7064 or
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