Sunday, 17 August 2008

Home Safe - House Cat Was Living Minutes From Home

This little fellow is my Joey. Male, microchipped, collar with ID, 11months old. He was an indoor cat when he escaped to chase a cat - the front door hadn't been closed properly. Only a few yards away he stopped when I called to him and he came home. Unfortuantely he got frightened when someone stood at my door and ran and disappeared. I placed him on websites, Cat Protection, RSPCA. Leaflets were dropped through mail boxes and stuck on trees (repeated when kids ripped them down). I searched and searched.

The tale of a cat being reunited with its owner:

I had had lots of false call outs. A lady called round and said that she was sure this little cat came to her garden to feed at 10pm each night. I believed this to be another false call. On my birthday I'd been out with her family and the sister dropped her home. The sister left but stopped the car as a cat walked across the road from one woods to another - she got out and called the cat - he responded to 'Joey' but ran into the woods. The sister didn't follow the cat because another car was coming. She rang me instead. me and Mum went to the woods. The jingle of a bell followed the calling of 'Joey' then stopped. I believed it wasn't Joey. Two days later the lady rang to say the cat was curled up by her fence, waiting for food. I popped over - the cat, huddled in the darkness, didn't look like her Joey. Another false call. But the cat got up and walked away .. light from the lamp post lit up the cat. It was Joey. I called him. He ran to her and up on to her lap, purring. He's never left my side since.

Happy Endings ...

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